I was able to do another baby boy shower recently, so we decided to use my newest package, the Baby Giraffe Baby Shower Package.

It was nice to be able to change a few things that I wasn't 100% sure on, and add some more products to the baby shower package.  I still of course, would love to try it for a birthday party as well.  We could easily change out the orange for pink and make it a girl baby shower or girl birthday party as well!

The first new product I needed to design was  a door sign.  This is probably my favorite giraffe, so I decided to use him as the start to this adorable party.  To hang a door sign, just attach ribbon to the paper, and hang it with a hook.  (The technique I used, was just a simple knot.  After holepunching it, you stick the ribbon through the whole, tie a double knot and  let the knot rest against the hole.  Make the knot big enough so it won't fall through the hole.)

My favorite part of this baby shower party is the overhead decor on the table.  We took a mixture of paper lanterns and crate paper tissue paper pom-poms and hung them from the trees above.  It added SO much color and dimension to the food table!  To hang your lanterns and poms, you can use any kind of thread, or even fishing string.  That is my favorite, because then you don't see it hanging. :)

One minor change I did to the baby shower banner was, I changed the middle giraffe tile from a white and turquoise stripe to a light and dark turqoise stripe.  This way the giraffe doesn't get lost in the distraction of the background, but becomes the star.

We then decided to add to the decor by taking the 3 giraffe tiles and blowing them up to 8x10's and framing them for the table party decor.  (The mother to be can also take them home and use them in her nursery!)

One of my good friends had this cutest stuffed, standing giraffe, that matched perfectly, so I borrowed him for my decor.  Thanks Tiff, he was  a show stopper!

To add to the funness factor of this party, we added some vintage light blue and white striped paper straws.

To decorate for the baby giraffe party we collected some giraffe items along with some birds as well, since they are in the designs. Also adding a little flare to a simple bird cage really will liven up the decor!

Our food table was unfortuantly not big enough for all the decorations and food, so we got out another table.  I like being able to have the drinks and eating materials separate anyway.

Snickerplum does not supply the food, but I know a few suppliers that make amazing food!  The one that helped out at this party was my pastery chef friend Jocelyn Ball.  She made the mini fruit tars with cream cheese filling, the zabaglione and mango mousse shooters, and the chocolate cake pops with a ganache filling we used for the Thank You treats.  Can I just tell you, everything was aaaaamaaaazing!  She is one talented lady!  If you are local and would like some amazing treats, you can contact Jocelyn through email jocelynmball@gmail.com.

There were also some very tasty raspberry and orange rolls, along with 3 wonderful and filling salads; a spinach mushroom, a chinese chicken, and a chicken pasta salad.

For the cake pops, we used some adorable yellow and white striped vintage paper straws found here.

Anytime possible, I love to add live flowers to the decor.  Not only are they more beautiful, but they add a wonderful aroma. 

We had some left over decor we weren't using for the dessert table, so we decided to decorate the outside table shade umbrella for a little extra touch.

They also had this great bench on their porch, that we decided to bring around back and added some matching decorative pillows.

So remember to make the most of your surroundings and decor you already have, and just spice it up a bit with something simple as a ribbon or a pillow!

Until next time...