We here at Snickerplum had so much fun planning this Superhero Spiderman theme Birthday Party that we had to share more.  Here are some game ideas that go along perfect with our theme and decor.  

To start off the party, we gathered together as many spiderman dress-ups we could find and let the kids get all in character by becoming their favorite superhero SPIDERMAN (or Spiderwoman of course)!  This lasted a good 20 min while all the kids arrived and got a lot of energy out!

The first game we played was The "Spiderweb" Obstacal Course.  This simple to play game calls for a ball of yarn and as many small chairs as you can find.  We split the children up into two teams one team to create the web by running the ball of yarn around and thru the chairs.   We then had the other team crawl threw the web without touching it.  Eventually all the kids took turns going thru and we all had plenty of giggles to go around.

As the kids were busy with the web game the "Green Goblin" snuck into the party and stole the cake (Gasp!)   He did leave behind some clues thus game number two a scavenger hunt begins, to find the missing birthday cake.  We were lucky to have "Spiderman" show up just in time to help the kids in the search for the missing birthday cake. 

As you can see the kids were so into it and loved searching all around the house and yard to find the missing cake.  And isn't it a cake worth finding?  Our darling friend Abby at Abby Creations made this darling cake for the Birthday Boy. You can find her at Abby's Creations.  We then just added our Spiderman Cake Toppers which gave it that final touch and brought all of our decoartions together.

Decor whether it's big or small can really help to add some extra excitement and fun to any party.  We had some HUGE spiders from our Halloween Decor, that we busted out for the party, and man did the kids LOVE them!  Combine those with Snickerplum's Spiderman Birthday Party line and you're sure to have all the details covered. 

To end off the party, while waiting for parents to pick up the kids, they each recieved their own Spiderweb Spray (silly string) in their gift bags.  They went out back and had a Spidey spiderweb fight!  This game is a little messy for indoors, so we recommend doing it outside!  It was a great end to an AMAZING Spiderman Birthday Party theme!

Hoped you liked the Spidey games and party tips today and remeber you don't have to be a Super Hero to have the best party ever, just a little imagaination and if you need a little help with the details, were here......Happy Planning!!!

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