You know that cute wreath you saw in our last post? I'll show you how to make one for your own party.

Sometimes it's hard to find decor to match the colors of your party exactly, so sometimes we make our own.  For this cute & easy DIY Project all you need is a circle foam wreath, flower bunches of choice (I used 10), a hot glue gun, and some ribbon.

And done!

You can use it not only for your party, but you can use it for home decor and possibly holidays (depending on the color of course).
I just hope you didn't burn yourself as much as I did :(

Hopefully you don't get to sick of seeing it, cause I LOVE my wreath and if it works for the party, you will see it there.  I've already used it in my Gender Reveal Party, Little Man Shower and Ayden Owl Shower.

Hopefully this inspires you to not feel boxed in by the decor you find at the stores, and know, you can always make your own!