This week we are going to be featuring our Gender Reveal Party. You may have heard of them also called Gender Parties, Gender Announcment Parties, or Learn the Gender Parties.  The one thing they each have in common is the theme... To learn the gender of the soon to be baby!

My favorite part about these parties, is that generally, even the PARENTS of the soon to be baby find out at the same time!

Now, if you want to do this, here are the steps:
1- When you go to the Dr. to get your ultrasound, make sure this is the FIRST thing you tell the technician "We do NOT want to find out right now what we are having!"
2- Ask the technician to write the sex of the baby on a piece of paper and put it in a sealed envelope for you to take with you.  (sometimes they will include pictures in the envelope of the baby sex parts for you to see later if you ask)  Sealing the envelope is important if you are a peeker, like me :)
3- Give the envelope to either your baker, party planner, or a close friend or relative to handle the rest.... just in case it slipps, it won't be to you.

The most popular way I've seen the reveal done is to hide the answer inside the cake or cupcakes with a special color... BLUE for BOY and PINK for GIRL.

Question Mark Cupcakes found at The Cake Blog
Colored Cake found at Juneberry Lane

There are lots of great ways you could do the reveal...   

Go to your favorite store, pick out a boy and girl outfit, give to the cashier with your CC and the mystery envelope.  Tell her to look inside, and charge you for the outfit that fits the sex, and put it in a box.  Take it home and wrap it, and open the gift together as a family!

You could also get a big bunch of balloons in pink and blue and have someone look at the mystery envelope and mark one of the strings with a piece of tape that matches the color of the gender.  Then, once in a big group, you and your spouse hold onto the marked balloon string and let go of all the rest.  The balloon left in your hands is the baby you are having!

And, lastly you could do the balloon box release... which is by far my favorite!!  It's the only one we've done for our party reveals, so we have proof that it works great EVERY time!

You take your box and envelope to a party store, pre-pay for as many balloons as you want to use.  We buy 20 and use a 30"x30" box we found at The UPS Store.  The vinyl on the front of the box was supplied by Vineyard Vinyl and is available here.  Have someone you trust not to blab, pick up the box and bring it to the party, just in case it was not sealed correctly.  Then, when the parent's open the box, make sure they look at each other and not at the opening just in case and open on the count of 3.

Not only is the reveal an exciting way to include others in your special news, but it's also a fun and exciting way for you to find out as the parents to be!

More on our Gender Reveal Party Packages on Thursday, so check back!


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